It was supposed to be easier than this- Pt. 11

The story ideas haven’t been a problem.  Ideas come and go.  Unfortunately, they far too often go and don’t come back.  I’ve tried to make a habit of jotting them down rather than relying on my porous short term memory. Half the time I can’t even remember to do that.

The bigger problem that has been holding me back is writer’s block. For some crazy reason I seem to struggle transferring the stories from my head onto the printed page.  When I can get the process started it is as if the stories just write themselves. Getting it started though?  Lately it’s been a pain in the ass.

I shifted gears and tried something different.  With a good idea of what the structure of the stories would look like and which of my family and friends would be in them, I tried writing an outline for the stories and character studies for those who might play a role in them.  Story outlines have never been my thing so that stopped as quickly as it started. The character studies proved more difficult than they should have as I was adding information that had no bearing on anything.  Nothing was working the way I thought it would.

One thought kept coming to mind: It was supposed to be easier than this.

Compounding matters was the most common question being asked of me these days: “How’s the writing going?”  My answer is always the same.  “Slowly.”  I would add that I was working on character studies to try to get the juices flowing.  For some folks that was enough.  Others gave advice.  While I appreciated the concern, I was growing tired of only having the one answer to give.

Frustration was quickly settling in.  Frustration, for me, leads to doubt.  And doubt is the most crippling emotion I experience.  I had to do something and do it quickly before I gave up all hope.

I sent a text message to one of my friends: “What was the name of those blog sites you recommended?”


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