Star Wars: A Geek’s Tale: Episode II


With the seduction of the Dark Side now complete, I could feel my inner-geek regaining control. I tried my hardest to fight off the urges to re-immerse myself into all things Star Wars. What little hope I had was quashed by the Dark Side’s powerful new ally – the Internet.

The siren call of StarWars.Com (the official Star Wars web site) and a few fan-created sites drew me in further and further. I checked my work calendar to see which days I could attend Celebration III in Indianapolis. As it turned out I would be able to attend Saturday and Sunday. I decided it would be okay to miss the first two days. It felt like I was making some progress in my fight.

But then those evil bastards used my own weakness against me. They plied me with a shiny trinket – a Darth Vader antenna topper. The catch? This was only available to those fans who registered for the full four-day event. I compared the price of a four-day pass to two one-day passes and found that the cost was not much more and was, in my opinion, worth that incredibly cool Darth Vader antenna topper.

So I took the bait and purchased the four-day pass. The next step was to register for a hotel room. By registering through the Celebration III web site, I would get a discount on a downtown-area hotel room. I stayed in the Westin Hotel right across the street from the Indiana Convention Center for Celebration II. It was well worth it so I tried to get a room downtown. The closest room I could get was in a hotel at the Indianapolis airport; everything downtown was already booked. I accepted my fate and booked the room for two nights.

Coming up:
e-Bay, the new Dark Lord


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