Star Wars: A Geek’s Tale: Episode III


As a member of the official Star Wars fan club I am allowed access to a special section of the Star Wars web site called Hyperspace. Hyperspace makes exclusive offers to its members at the Star Wars online store. One such exclusive was a teaser poster that was released in conjunction with the Revenge of the Sith trailer that ran with The Incredibles. I figured that since I have the teaser posters for Episodes I and II, it only made sense to buy the teaser poster for Episode III as well.

But there was a bit of a problem. My account at Hyperspace was no longer active. I couldn’t buy the damn poster.

The good people at Hyperspace sent a letter out to fan club members last August to introduce us to the new online program. We had to call them to activate our online account. Believing at the time that I was getting out of the geek clique, I decided to not activate the account. Fortunately for me I held on to that letter.

It took several calls to get my account set up before they sent an e-mail with my password. I accessed the site at my first available opportunity and found that I was too late. The posters were sold out. What the hell was I to do?

I ran numerous searches on Google and came up empty every time. Then it hit me. Try e-Bay!

The first search for the poster on e-Bay was a huge success. Several people were selling the poster and the average price was just a bit more than what it retailed for. I lost my first two bid attempts and felt that I would never get my prize. Someone must have felt a grave disturbance in the Force as if millions of fanboys suddenly cried out in terror. They offered a Buy It Now for less than what the other two posters went for. I jumped on it.

I searched for other Star Wars-related items and couldn’t believe the treasure trove it revealed. Items that I owned were getting three to five times what I paid for them. And other items that I wanted were going for less than retail. What a wonderful thing this e-Bay is, I thought to myself.

But I had forgotten Yoda’s warning to Luke that the Dark Side was not stronger but was easily more seductive. And e-Bay has proven to be a powerful seductress.

Coming up:
A change in plans


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