Star Wars: A Geek’s Tale: Episode VI


Much like Anakin was in the prequels, I was lured in by the Dark Side.  There was no moment of truth for me where I could choose my fate like Luke did in The Empire Strikes Back.  The Dark Side seduced me and I was too weak to fight it.

The most powerful and seductive agent of the Dark Side turned out to be eBay.

Jerry, a friend of mine at work, is a big time seller and buyer on eBay.  I told him about joining the online auction site just so I could buy the Episode III teaser poster.  He suggested that I should look up some of the items that I own to see how much money they were bringing in.

While this sounded easy at first, it became difficult to decide what I could part with.  The stuff I could easily part with wasn’t going high enough to make it worthwhile.  The things that were going at a higher price were things I didn’t want to part with.

I looked long and hard at the collection of busts arrayed above my computer.  They were mostly characters from Episode II but included a bust of Luke in his pilot outfit, a bust of a stormtrooper and, the big prize in my collection, an incredibly cool bust of Darth Vader.

My eyes kept going back to Jango Fett.  Jango was introduced in Episode II as Boba Fett’s dad and as the prototype of the clonetroopers.  He looked like as if he would be a cool character so I ordered his bust before seeing the movie.  His fate in the movie was such that I couldn’t care less about him now.  I decided that I could easily part with his bust.

I put him up for bid and he eventually sold (to Jerry no less) for $185, nearly four times what I paid for him.  I couldn’t believe it.

But as satisfying as that was, I wanted more.

What could I sell next?

Coming up:

eBay ups the ante


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