Star Wars: A Geek’s Tale: Episode XXIII

swchasmThe second answer to the “Why Star Wars?” question is “It makes me feel like a kid again.”

I still get a visceral thrill at the beginning of every Star Wars movie. The goose bumps begin with the 20th Century Fox fanfare and continue through the opening theme and opening crawl.

I still get a thrill out of watching Luke and Leia swing across the Death Star chasm, still agonize over Obi-Wan’s sacrifice and still feel like cheering when Han comes back to Luke’s aid in the Death Star trench.

The music is enough to stop me in my tracks. My friends at work get a kick out of it when I hear the Star Wars theme on the break room TV. It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial for a local video game store, a commercial for M&M’s or an ad for the upcoming movie, I always stop what I’m doing and direct my attention to the TV. They either laugh at me or patiently wait on me to come back to reality.

The soundtrack to either Star Wars or The Empire Strikes Back is usually in the CD player of my truck.

The toys that I avoided out of embarrassment as a teenager now adorn my computer room at home. My desk is covered with seven mini-busts, six micro busts, one action figure, one statue, one Jedi Force figure, one antenna topper, one Unleashed figure and fourteen Galactic Heroes figures. My bookcase is currently holding four mini-busts, one Unleashed figure, one action figure, three bobble heads, one Darth Tater and two M&M minis tube dispensers. Sitting on the floor of the room are three more Unleashed figures, three Jedi Force figures and one action figure. All of the action figures I’ve purchased since April 2 are sitting on or in boxes in the computer room. Three Unleashed figures are on display above my fireplace. I have one statue and five mini-busts on order. I have no idea how many figures are boxed up in storage right now.

I applied a Darth Vader sticker from a bag of Lays potato chips to my hard hat at work. Nobody seemed too surprised by this and a few people have even told me it looks cool.

I suppose that someday I’ll grow up, store all of those things in a box and leave it all behind me. But who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky and find a gal who will tolerate these things and let me hold on to a piece of my youth.

And if she looked good with those groovy cinnamon roll buns on the sides of her head just like Princess Leia? Ahhh, that’s asking for too much.

Coming up:
Preparing for Episode III


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