Two Tales of a City- Pt. 24


Our meals during our short visit to New York were not quite evenly split between out-of-pocket costs, pre-paid boxed lunches, and two dining experiences.  The first dining experience at Heartland Brewery was anything but an experience.  The second was to be at BB King’s Blues Club and Grill, an option that sounded pretty damn cool.  Thanks to the dopes who supposedly organized the Finale Championships and supposedly coordinated everything for all of the school groups that paid good money to participate and had every right and reason to expect to receive what they were promised, the dinner at the blues club was not scheduled.  The club did not have the space available for us on the night we were to be there.  Elise scrambled to find a location that could handle us and was near the Minskoff Theatre.  The only thing she could find on such short notice was Planet Hollywood.

Planet Hollywood was just about the last place where I wanted to eat while in New York.  A themed restaurant that once numbered over several dozen restaurants worldwide and boasted Hollywood celebrities as “owners”, the chain went bankrupt twice and had to close most of its locations.  Now down to eight locations, the chain was a shell of its former self.

Part of the draw of Planet Hollywood was its vast collection of Hollywood memorabilia.  Mitch and I once ate at the restaurant in downtown Atlanta after a baseball game and quickly realized that the memorabilia on display looked to be anything other than authentic.  One item that we got a close look at was Batman’s utility belt used in the old television series starring Adam West.  Mitch had been a huge fan of that show and was excited to see a piece of his childhood.  The utility belt looked nothing like we remembered.  A photo from the TV show accompanied the belt.  The belt didn’t even closely resemble the one worn by Batman in the photo.  From that point we questioned every piece of “memorabilia” on display and started to find fault with them.

Making matters worse was the meal.  It wasn’t that good.  Our visit to Planet Hollywood added another layer of pure suckage to our trip to Atlanta that weekend.  And now it was threatening to add a layer of suckage to this trip to New York.

The kids seemed pretty excited about dining at Planet Hollywood.  The restaurant staff managed to seat all of us in one area.  We were offered two options for meals.  If we weren’t going to eat at a uniquely New York restaurant, I wasn’t going to overthink my choice.  I went with a burger and fries.  Homemade burgers and fries would have been a hell of a lot better.

There was a lighthearted moment when the staff programmed a large TV screen with the message “Welcome to PLANET HOLLYWOOD Bishop Langer School!”  It took a few people a minute or two realize the message was meant for us.


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